Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Matte Black Dominar 2019 Comes Home

I had been contributing to various automobile forums in India, somewhat infrequently over the last few years. Recently, had a very bitter experience with team-bhp and one of its very arrogant admin, who goes by the handle gto. With posts getting deleted selectively, changing the narrative, and after receiving arrogant communication like "do not question the admin", I started wondering why the heck should I tolerate this nonsense, especially when I am generating content for their forum for free - by writing posts there. Gave it back in appropriate words, and decided not to contribute there anymore. 

Found xBHP to be much better, and lenient community in comparison. I still post there. But by and large, decided to try using my own blog going forward, as much as possible, to note down my long term ownership experience of the Dominar. So here goes.  


Since returning from Spiti, last September, I had this overwhelming feeling that I had grown out of the Avenger. With all the mods I had done on the bike (the handle positioning, comfortable seat, hadlebar rod to hold mobile, charger for the mobile etc), the bike was supremely comfortable for both rider and pillion, and the bike effortlessly carried all the luggage we threw at it on long rides. 

In the ghat sections, the bike's power was more than adequate, and despite having a very long front fork, cornering on the bike, with all the luggage in place, wasn't exactly scary. It behaved very well around those corners. New tires were helping as well.  

Yet, when driving it on the plains, after getting down the loooong ghat from Manali, into Chandigarh, the 220cc, ~20bhp engine started feeling inadequate. The bike would do 80-90 without much trouble, but anything beyond that would strain the engine, resulting into vibes all over the handlebar. Irritating. 

Besides, having used to cruising at 130+kmph in the car, 80-90kmph started feeling very boring and mundane. 


So, since coming back, I started saving for a new bike - which one? That was yet to be decided. The KTM 390 Adventure that was rumoured to be released during 2018 EICMA, never did. And then what started with a Dominar as an alternative, quickly degenerated into a salivating pursuit of a "sports tourer" - from RR 310 to the world of parallel twins - Ninja 300, Ninja 400, R3 and even Ninja 650. I had even finalized R3 after taking a test-ride and figuring out the economical running maintenance costs of the bike. I knew at the back of my mind all the time that the aggressive posture these bikes demand (ofcourse vis-a-vis an avenger), would make them more of a "sports" bike and less of a "tourer". Yet, childhood memories of doing oohs and aahs oggling at a fully faired sports-bike, kept pushing me towards it. 

Thankfully, around the same time, the 2019 Dominar started making an appearance in prototype reviews. And my biggest concern - that of vibes in the 'touring' RPM range of 4000-6000 - owing to an SOHC engine setup - was taken care of by introducing a DOHC engine. There was still this fly in the ointment that the compression ratio was increased to 12+ - on the lines of the Duke - meaning possible addition to vibes and excessive heat generation. I would have preferred it being decreased, and addition of more torque low down instead. But that wasn't to be. 

Anyway, the reviews that were coming in were very encouraging. I let the better sense prevail, and dropped the idea of booking an R3, that would cost almost 4.3L on road in Bangalore, and instead decided to book an equally powerful, though single cylinder, Dominar 2019. I went to Khivraj Bajaj on Kasturba road in Bangalore, and put down a booking deposit couple days after pre-orders officially opened. The prices were declared almost a month later, in April. 

The folks at Khivraj Bajaj were quite professional in their handling of a customer. While they didn't allow me to take insurance from outside, they allowed me to choose a bike out of 4-5 bikes after a detailed inspection, and gave me delivery on the day I wanted - 7th May 2019 - on the occasion of AkshayTrutiya - अक्षय्य तृतीया - one of the very auspicious days (muhurta) as per Hindu calendar. 

Just out of delivery bay. 7-May-2019

The Dominar 2019 - Finally comes home, after a long 6 months of wait.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Musings about Hindutva and Secularism

It's been an amusing watching political reactions post the election results of 2019. On one side there is this repulsive Amar Singh, who changes colours faster than a chameleon, talking about how he kicked Manishankar Aiyyar's butt back in his hay days, and on the other side there are likes of Shashi Tharoor musing about the results in as honest terms as the suave diplomat in him allows himself to.


Just sometime back I watched Karan Thapar interviewing Shashi Tharoor about Congress' debacle in the 2019 election. 

I like Karan Thapar for the pointed questions and his ability to shoot point blank. It's a treat when you have an erudite like Tharoor responding from the other end. It makes for a very entertaining and a very thought-provoking discussion.

While for a long time I myself have been wishing to see a Congress lead by Shashi Tharoor as a capable and much needed opposition to Modi, as Karan Thapar kept suggesting all through the interview, I am as 'optimistic' about it happening, as either of them are. 

That aside, what troubled me towards the end of the interview was the standard hate-mongering about RSS and Hindutva. I have been hearing this for a long time, from this pariah-making industry, and this time I decided to note down my thoughts around this. 


In the interview, they sound so worried about how Hindutva is dangerous, how it will "destroy" this multi-cultural country, how it's against the Nehruvian ideas (while simultaneously being 'intolerant' to an alternative school of thought that Savarkar presented - and why). But at the same time they are either completely unaware of, or are unwilling to acknowledge, why so many people in the country, who, by the way, believe in live-and-let-live or 'वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्', and who would have voted BJP to power, do not associate Hindutva with the negative connotations that these people are so hellbent on projecting. 

The fact that Hindutva rose as a response to counter the hardline presented by political cults of Islam and Christianism, seems to be nowhere in their conscious. Neither does it seem to register with them that Congress' idea of 'secularism' - appeasing religious vote-banks - has been laid bare time and again, may that be way back in late 80's in the Shah Bano case or as recently as in defending triple talaq. They never seem to acknowledge that it's the RSS that's been pushing for common civil code for so many years, and it's the congress and the muslims who are opposing it, and having it their way for so long. The Indian populace may not be as big an 'intellectual' as they are, but they are smarter than what likes of Karan Thapar seem to assume. They catch these double standards and that's what they have rejected. 

That's also why people seem to resonate with Modi when he says 'the veil of secularism has been lifted from those who were hiding behind it'. Secularism, lately, has become the idea that pretentiously denounces everything that can cause even slight inconvenience to religious 'minorities' (Common Civil Code, Triple Talaq et al), and upholds everything that undermines Hinduism (Shabarimala, Hindu Terrorism et al). And while one can endlessly debate for or against it, people have acknowledged this disparity and double standards, and have expressed it through their votes. 

There are scores of intellectuals and journalists who wouldn't say a word about the train that was audaciously set on fire, burning scores of people, including women and kids, to death, but would endlessly go on denouncing the anger that boiled over into the unrest that followed. Remind me why there are hardly any 'intellectuals' or journalists who are critical of muslims when they commit a religious crime. For all the wrongs that you associate with Hindutva, it doesn't kill you for being critical of Hinduism 24x7, despite being a Hindu yourself. Try doing that with Islam, and in no time you will have to go hiding like a Salman Rushdie or a Taslima Nasreen. 

The moment you have muslims (and these so called 'seculars' or 'liberals') denouncing the wrongs that (other) muslims do, as vociferously as Hindus do when some overzealous Hindus commit a religious crime, the Hindutva that these people fear of so much, will dissolve in thin air. 


In this context, what's really dangerous is that these so called intellectuals, who look upon themselves so highly and who consider themselves as the torch-bearers of the secular cosmopolitan thought, either aren't cognisant of this, or are just plain unwilling to acknowledge it. 

So far as they keep up beating around the bush like this, Hindutva will keep gaining momentum, and people like me, despite being secular and liberal in our thoughts, will not find any fault with it. After all, if true secularism is never to see the light of the day, and if it has to be a political cult that rules India, I would much rather prefer it to be the one that I belong to, and one that I have confidence about in having scope for inclusiveness for any other religion. I definitely don't want to live in a Bangladesh or a Pakistan of yore, thank you very much. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Kasmir Conundrum

The recent situation in Kashmir had me intrigued and I wanted to find out if there is any base, other than the age old separatist rhetoric, behind the boil. Incidentally, I came across this purportedly facebook post by a young Kashmiri lady - Shazia Bakshi touting reasons about how she went on from being an Indian to being a Kashmiri - vis-a-vis her 'identity'. 

It had me concerned, not because her arguments held much water, they didn't as a matter of fact, and I will come to it, but more because that outlined how gullible even the educated Kashmiri youth is to anti-India calls and related brainwash. You would expect their education to have a say in determining right from wrong during their inner-voice debates, and lead them to choose a path to co-existence, peace and prosperity; over religious, regional and perceived-superior (and hence mistaken) identity. 

Since the writeup came from a girl who claimed to be an Indian before she became a Kashmiri, I decided that one writeup was from horse's mouth, and was enough to gauge the situation and the mindset there in Kashmir. 

One thing was crystal clear to me - the veil of her 'Indianness' was pretty thin. the vitriol was in your face. It was obvious she got brainwashed at the slightest of a bait. In fact, that write-up was probably not aimed at Indians, but at Kashmiris, who were/are sitting on the fence, recruiting them towards the Burhan-Wani-cause. After all, what better person to recruit sane minded people towards a path to destruction, than someone who claims to be 'one of them'. 

Initially I wanted to rip through each and every argument she had in her writeup; but then I realised many of the arguments were not worth the response anyway. They were not arguments, they more felt like her attempt at convincing herself. What needed response was the way she sympathized with Burhan Wani, claiming the guy had not even fired a bullet. It was a ludicrous premise, if not ridiculous. Should India/army have waited till he fired a few rounds and killed people in buckets? Nevertheless, I found it intriguing enough to check out more about Burhan Wani. 

The first image I found, was that of him wearing a kalashnikov and (Pakistani?) army fatigues. Then there was a neutral sounding article about Burhan Wani in Huffington Post (india), detailing his life. An interesting anecdote about why Burhan Wani became a Hizbul Mujahideen commander - mind you, commander of an organization that's declared a terrorist outfit by India, the EU and the USA - was the incident where an army patrol bullied him and his brother, friends in his late teens. And that was enough of a reason for him to join a state-fighting terrorist outfit. His father puts in a very convincing defence as to why his son joined a terrorist camp: his 'ghairat' (self-respect) made him retaliate. And I think this is thread most of the Kashmir-cause-champions hang on dearly to, most of the time - that 'you did it first and we are retaliating'. Playing victim is an excellent alibi to veil over your real intentions and deeds. Here is a wikipedia article that very succinctly explains the psychology behind abusers routinely engaging in self-victimization -

It is common for abusers to engage in victim playing. This serves two purposes:
1. justification to themselves – as a way of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that results from inconsistencies between the way they treat others and what they believe about themselves.
2. justification to others – as a way of escaping harsh judgment or condemnation they may fear from others.

Spot on, wiki! That explains most of these alibis, doesn't it? I sometimes wonder if the Kasmiri Pundits, who were driven out of their homes, if not killed, for staying in their motherland of Kashmir, had started retaliating violently, leaning on their 'ghairat' (self-respect), would these same Kashmir-cause-champions or Burhan-Wani sympathizers give credence to that 'ghairat'? 

Destruction, killing people or inciting mobs to go against a state/republic is not how you avenge/revenge or satisfy your 'ghairat'. At least not in this post barbarian era. There are better, diplomatic, social and evolved ways to address your concerns in this day and age. 

After all, we don't see people in rest of the India turning against the state and becoming terrorists because of overtures by army and police (unless they are resuscitated by the communist, who get funded, we know from where). There are so many examples of police overtures being fought in courts all over india. i am sure someone will quickly point out that kashmir situation is 'different'. Well, maybe it is. Any thoughts about who/what made it different? The pattern of arguments that follow this question are the same old Ruy Lopez with Sicilian Defense boilerplate: eventually ending at "we want to join Pakistan". Good, now you are talking. What follows is my, a proud Indian's, message to all those thinly-veiled 'Indian' Kashmiris (and their sympathizers) who advocate Kashmir joining Pakistan. A tough stance that I wish India takes, instead of soft-gloving Kashmir.

Now that we have cut all the crap and arrived at the root cause, let's get one thing out of the way before we discuss any further: it's not happening - you are not taking Kashmir to Pakistan, no matter how hard you try. Get over it. It's been 50 years since Kashmir was merged with the then new born India, and while the details can be argued for and against till the end of the time, the Kashmir deed is done and dusted in the last century. India has spent way too much time and resources since then in building its defences and guarding Kashmir as its own territory. No one and nothing, not even a nuclear holocaust - in which India has higher chances of surviving than Pakistan, can change that fact now. 

One step further, it's definitely not happening on the basis of religion. India has never adhered-to/believed-in the two-nations theory - reason why the Hindu-rashtra theory is fought with tooth and nail. If Kashmir was to let off to Pakistan just because it's majority Muslim as of now, then the left and center won't have any face to fight against the right when it comes to the Hindu-rashtra theory. So forget the right, you can't get much of support even from the left or center for your cessation demands. 

As for a plebiscite, India will never accept one since Pakistan has worked overtime to increase its own settlements in the PoK to bias any future plebiscites; while India still gives you a special status through Article-370. You should hang on to it, rather than stretching it so much that the rest of India looses its patience and starts demanding the article be dropped for good. It's the taxes we Indians pay, that has sustained Kashmir and your life style over the last 50-60 years. Reference: here is the latest [2016-17 budget for J&K at a glance]( that shows 48% of your budgeted 'income' is out of the grants that the central government bestows upon you. Don't you forget that. 

Better be sane, stop brainwashing your kids, and learn to co-exist with Kashmiri Pundits and the rest of India. That's the path towards peace, prosperity and a better quality of life. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

ती गेली तेव्हा रिमझिम

Today, I learnt, is birth anniversary of कवी ग्रेस (Poet Grace - A Marathi Poet). Someone sent an old poem as a message on the social network. That started a chain of events that lead to this emotions-dump.

The poem was - ती गेली तेव्हा रिमझिम. It brought a lot of emotions, feelings with it. It's one of my all time favorite songs, sung by Deenanath Mangeshkar (here on youtube). Suddenly I was on youtube re-listening to the song, umpteenth of a time.

Then came the next one - भय इथले संपत नाही. Another one from ग्रेस. This one is a gem in that there is no fixed meaning to the song. It's like Schrodinger's Cat. The meaning changes as per the background, sensibilities, emotions and feelings of the reader. Here is a thread with interesting discussion about different meaning of the poem. 

Then a couple more - मालवून टाक दीप, चेतवून अंग अंग -  this one, this time, from another grand-master of marathi poetry - सुरेश भट. Sample these lines - 

हे तुला कसे कळेल, कोण एकटे जळेल
सांग का कधी खरेच, एकटा जळे पतंग

If words ever carried power to change the world, may that be of an individual at the least, these poems are living emblems of that power. 

तरूण आहे रात्र अजूनी, राजसा निजलास का रे - another grandiose masterpiece from सुरेश भट. 

Any mind sensitive enough to gauge the meaning and the depth of intense emotions in this song, will have its eyes welling up. Sample this - 

सांग ह्या कोजागिरीच्या चांदण्याला काय सांगू,
उमलते अंगांग माझे … आणि तु मिटलास का रे?

Simple words, combined to create such a highly potent mixture. This is golden. 

A few more of these -

सुन्या सुन्या मैफिलीत माझ्या
भातुकलीच्या खेळामधली राजा आणिक राणी

Here I am sitting high up in one of the hotels on the MIT campus, the American institution that I always had highest regard for, observing the beautiful Boston skyline, overshadowed by clouds, sipping coffee and listening to these timeless classics that bring with them the essence of the home - the sensibilities, emotions, ethos of the very Marathi culture that I grew up in.

All sorts of incoherent thoughts crowd my mind. Like how these mavericks who wrote, composed and sung these songs, formed some of the best 'startups' in the yesteryears of glory of Marathi arts. Startups - because this is how a great startup team forms - all mavericks in their own domain - the best writer, the best singer, the best composer - and what you get is the best product - a timeless classic that will last generations on end. 

Had they have a big enough market, they would have enchanted the world with their artistry. If only the world knew/understood Marathi …. If only पानिपत (Paanipat) hadn't happened …. if only Abdali didn't have शतुरनाल …. Better yet, if only we were better prepared …. 

Too late … too incoherent …. 

"…. and then there was an impedance match … resonance followed …"
               -- Unknown

Sunday, January 11, 2015


... a bass boosted Rehman unleashed through the 5-channels, typically focusing on the sub woofer and beating the shit out of it, sending you into a tizzy as you discover some beats, and some notes from the upper band, unheard so far, and the collective effect of the air and the floor subtly vibrating together due to the force the sub woofer beats at ..... boy o boy! What a morning! Pure nirvana!!

I say put these Islamist inhumans into a room, and make them listen to this Rehmanian bliss every morning on a well tuned system - anything from Roza to Bombay to Dil Se to Taal will do - and they will start to realize how beautiful life - that they are so intent on taking out in bulk - can actually be! Tie that up with Nusarat Fateh Ali with lunch and Ghulam Ali with dinner ... आणि वाल्याचा वाल्मिकी व्हायला वेळ नाही लागणार. I didn't even realise but all three of these gem of artists, incidentally are Muslims themselves. What an irony! 

5 top class artists taken out in one shot, what a loss Charlie Hebdo! Given the time it takes for an artist to learn the trade, groom himself, develop his individual style, develop his thinking and then collect all dots together - taking 5 of them out just like that, is a loss impossible to recover from ever. 

Civilians, sportsmen, scientists, businessmen, pregnant womenschool girls, school children, historical art, artists ... nothing much left in the world now, is there? 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dilbert Syndrome

Warning: Some loaded rant and bitching about the past, ahead. 

There is an almost evil sense of happiness/achievement when you look back in time and feel vindicated for that stand you took, and that crazy audacity you showed in taking people-with-power head-on. 

While going through all the backups I had collected over last many years on my drive, I came across this write-up, which literally made my day. The date on the file was June, 2011; and I had named it 'Dilbert Syndrome'. It somehow never made it to the blog, but it made me chuckle many a times as I read it and as the events and characters waltzed past my eyes. 

That was a crazy time, with some crazy amount of introspection and some otherwise crazy decisions which made me rock my own boat. The writeup was about those times and totally blog-worthy. That rant not only made me chuckle, but gave me a priceless glimpse into how I thought and felt during that difficult time period. I came out much stronger eventually. 

I don't take names here, neither company nor people. A lot of water has flown under the proverbial bridge already, and I have moved on big time. So only someone who knows me personally, or was around me during those times, will know what I am talking about. And relate and chuckle, s/he will. Guaranteed. 

Reminder: The piece below, was written almost 3-1/2yrs back about some events that took place over about 6 months before that. So take the present-tense with a pinch of time-travel. 


Ultimately, as expected, due to those heroics in December, my promotion was denied, and I was placed in 'C' band. This was when, on the performance rating, I was rated at 4.16 on a scale of 5. There was a formal way of escalation to make your case for a better rating. A rating lower than 4 and I was prepared to make my case, just in case. It's fine till performance ratings, but after promotion and bands are announced there is no way to escalate!! Take that! In effect, the performance-rating, about which so much noise and hoopla is made, doesn't have any bearing on the final outcome! And you cant escalate or challenge the final outcome! What a mess of a policy!

So there is no doubt this is a foul play. Disappointing for sure. But on the brighter side, it validates my decision to break away from the project which was run by some vernacular old farts, without much technical aptitude, making - politics and sucking-up - the most important characteristics for having any future there. Inevitably, their desire to stamp their authority would make them over eager to pass unsolicited judgments just about everything pertaining to their juniors - their bikes, their colour choices, their girlfriends, their dressing sense, even their guts. As If they were so sooo gutsy that they had just soloed an E11 rockclimb; or as if their blue-coloured 1857-fashioned plated trousers (rolled up to the ankles), their marooned, white checkered shirt, and those excessively-oiled परिसर अभ्यास hair - all combed on one side - would have won them a top-ten spot on the list of world's most desirable men.

However good the architecture of that C++ system was, the project was run by those who sought yes-men as their juniors. You put your foot down and take a stand and they will take pleasure to screw your hard work. Just like the Congress party. You suck up to the Gandhis and a dumb Shivraj Patil can go on to become India's Home Minister. You don't, you have your say, and you are sidelined. Your credentials notwithstanding.

I tried approaching the HR, explained the glaring disparity between performance rating and allocated band and lack of promotion. They sent out one liners asking each other to help me with my 'query'. Some bozo sent me a one-liner asking me to meet him, and went underground when I asked whens and wheres. I got the message. I am working in a private sector tech firm, which is no better than some bureaucratic govt institution where the brightness in your corporate future is directly proportional to the amount of sucking up you do to the managers that be. Appalling. And this is the case with an organization which was considered one of those better companies in India, which valued technical prowess. At least that was the reason why I joined this organization in the first place. 

It's quite easy to ignore this as rant of a 'disgruntled employee who lost out on a promotion'. It's not the lost promotion or band why I am so pissed off; promotion, band - eventually I will get it all, and I guess this delay just detaches me further from the rat race. But it's the way these guys think they are invincible no matter what they do, that triggers me to retaliate in any which way possible.

Anyway, no point in letting these destructive emotions run amok. There is hardly anything I can do to affect the outcome. So better to keep these emotions in check and focus on the happening stuff with python and web-development stints that makes me feel quite upbeat with prospects. That's the other - the brighter side of the december-decision. In a way, I paid for the long term with an year of my hard work.


Those emotions awakened me from a slumber and made me take a decision that I would, otherwise, have never taken, maintaining the status quo. 

Fast forward to the present. Today I work for a fantastic organization, where the culture itself is such that only and *only* your technical prowess alone can take you places. No one has any time nor desire to give a rats ass to politics. The team I work for, is made up of winners - all technically super strong, sharp, well mannered, and jovial people. That's my kind of team. 

And I credit those emotions for getting me till here.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Fraud called eBay Guarantee

While eBay can be, and has been, a boon for sourcing items that are otherwise difficult to get, it's a big misery when the item doesn't get delivered, or a faulty one gets delivered. To make matter worse, the fraudulent practice that eBay calls - eBay Guarantee - adds salt to the wound. The whole eCommerce apparatus is based on trust between - not the seller and the buyer, but between the website (which works as a middleman) and the buyer. That's why Flipkart enjoys a lot of trust and is still synonymous with peace-of-mind eCommerce in India. 

eBay is just the opposite. It's all good when you can source things like old manual lenses, tools, equipment that are otherwise pretty difficult to find from local market. It's all good when the seller is honest and well-meaning. It all starts falling apart when any of that is not true.  

Quite a few experiences so far when eBay failed big time for me and caused a lot of distress and that infuriating feeling of being deceived. It's not about the money you lose, it's the feeling that you were taken for a ride by someone/something you trusted - that really pisses me off. eBay guarantee is one such thing. You purchase from eBay thinking it's too big a company to be dishonest about its promises to customers - especially with something as sensitive as eBay Guarantee promise that says you are covered if a seller deceives you. I fell for it. And it failed me. More than once. 

First was when I had bought a case for Moto-G (PaisaPay ID: 36040966303), about six months back. The case didn't fit. I applied for return and refund. These guys took almost 2 days to reply. That too with a funny excuse - "You were not reachable on the contact number you mentioned - 988******, so please upload photographic proof to process your claim". That's my old number from Pune. I still have a screenshot of the order, and it clearly shows my Bangalore number 95******* and says - you will receive SMS alerts and order status on this number. Even the delivery guy calls on *this* number, and eBay just ignored it. 

Unfortunately, by the time they replied, I got impatient and broke the flimsy cover while I trying to force it on the mobile. I mentioned so, and closed the claim. Only if they had called me on the right number ... 

That was the first time I grew suspicious about their practices, even though it was my fault to break it while trying to put it on the mobile. 

Then came this current infuriating episode. My 7-year old Dell laptop's charger went kaput. I decided to buy a locally built one from eBay - thinking even if it turns out bad/conterfeit, eBay will be able to cover it under it's eBay Guarantee. What was I thinking!? 

Here is a step by step account of how and why it got to my nerves - 

I ordered one 90W adapter from eBay (PaisaPay ID: 37359944823) with the same charger family and even validated the plug dimensions against the original one I had. The adapter worked for couple of days, and then on one fine day, it stopped working! Just like that. The green indicator on the charger brick would turn on, but it wouldn't charge the laptop. 

I wrote to the seller about the problem. 

He took almost a week to reply. 

I called this engineer and he came to conclusion that the charger may not work for the laptop even though specs were right. "Only genuine Dell one will work. You can buy that from our eBay shop". We had an agreement about refunding the amount paid. 

I raised an "eBay Guarantee" claim with these details. 

After couple of days, I got a response from ebay, saying they couldn't contact me. 

Preposterous. Both of them were my Pune numbers, long discontinued. I have screen-shot of the order showing my Bangalore number. Why they would not even try a number that's so obviously used for communicating order details and alerts, is a mystery to me. I still replied back with my Bangalore number, along with other details. On the very same day. 

Since a photo couldn't a be proof, I even got my wife to shot a video showing the charger in non-working condition. The charger serial number is also visible in this video

All this on the very same day. 

And then, couple days later, I receive an email from eBay, saying the claim is rejected! What a rip-off! 

If this is not infuriating, what is!? 


The eBay head-ache doesn't end here though. Another order (ID: 324132884013) placed on 25-September, with a European seller, is still not delivered, and I have as good as given up on that refund claim as well. 


This was not the first time I was shopping online. I have shopped from many eCommerce websites, from nascent-stage ones to the well established, from American to Chinese, for electronic goods to cycling equippments. But the kind of trust kickback I received from eBay was unprecedented and unique. 

These days, ebay is completely out of my shopping radar. I even tend to filter out ebay results from my google searches as well. They are the ponzies of online shopping for me. 

The only good thing that came out of this distressful experience is that it got me out of my blogging slumber, and made me finally write about this, so that people would be aware of the reality behind this so-called eBay Guarantee, and would be wary while dealing with eBay in general, due to lack of any real fallback mechanism in case one gets duped. 

Caveat emptor!

PS: I have uploaded the whole guarantee claim page here - a.fraud.called.ebay.guarantee.proof.pdf. Read bottom up. It contains all the communication regarding the claim.